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How to organize coursework

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There is a standard for registration of diploma and term papers, although the latter are not usually imposed with such stringent requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to train yourself to meet the requirements for compliance with the standard. This will allow you to avoid severe problems in the future.

All collected information is typed in a computer in the form of an electronic document. This file must be formatted in accordance with current regulations.

We advise you to clarify the rules of its design with your teacher or dean’s office before typing, because your educational institution may have specific requirements in this matter.

The text is typed in Times New Roman standard black font with 14 pitch and one and a half line spacing on A4 paper. Headings and subheadings are distinguished using Word’s H1, H2 headers if this does not contradict the requirements of the guidelines.

In each paragraph, the main idea should be reasoned. You can proceed to the next thought only after the previous one is clearly set out and completed.

Typically, the amount of course work is limited to 20-25 pages of text at the rate of 1800 characters on one page. Formatting indents for coursework are:

  • left field – 30 mm;
  • right field – 10 mm;
  • upper field – 20 mm;
  • Lower field – 25 mm.

Indent left more to be able to seal the complete coursework.

The text of the course work will look much more expressive if you will highlight the main ideas, quotes, individual words in bold or italic. It is advisable to use bulleted or numbered lists.

Numbering should begin with three pages, skipping the title page and the “Contents” section. In the Content, you need to specify the page number from which each section begins.

In the bibliography, literature is listed in alphabetical order. Footnotes in the course work are printed in Times New Roman with 10 or 12 pt., With the obligatory indication of the source of the footnote. Moving on, the complete coursework must be stitched in a folder. The rules are really easy.